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Michael Lyrange, Valencia, California

"To the Hadeel crew + staff: thank youfor a beautiful voyage. I will never forget this experience. You all have made this a very joyful voyage and I thank you again"
Karl Dickerson

Sweet Feedback from Karl on March 20th, 2009:

"To the gracious staff of the Hadeel, I will always remember all of you"

Dominique Dutoit

"Dear Friends,

Here are a few pictures of our cruise on the Hadeel dahabiyya. We thank you all for the most beautiful and enjoyable time you let us spend on the boat. Your company and your services were excellent and very friendly. You made those holidays unforgettable for us and we appreciated it a lot.

Were recommend your boat to the people to which we comment our holidays. I hope you will see some of them some day.

Congratulations for the quality of your welcome and of your services! Thank you for letting us have such a good time with you"


Review on Hadeel by DestinyVoyages.com. To read full article please click here
Kittie Bill Topeka, KS

"My Darling Hadeel, everytime I come on deck I smiled. Thank you for all your warmth and care. My heart will cry for you often"
Cafe Americaine (nick name)

Testimonial left on Trip Advisor in reply to another post requesting opinion on Hadeel:

'Just returned from a group trip where we had an EXCELLENT experience all around on the Hadeel!!! A beautiful ship and would highly recommend to all future travelers. We were on the 3/14 to 3/21 sailing from Luxor to Aswan...."

To read the whole post, please click here

Lou Ann Thanger, Destiny Voyages

"To the wonderful staff of the Hadeel, thank you for everything you did to make this such a magical trip. This was special and beyond expectations! I will always remember wading in the Nile. Best wishes to members of the crew and the lucky passengers who sail on future voyages. Shokran Gazeelan"

Terri Ron Albuquerque, NM, USA

Feedback receveid by Terri during her cruise on Dahabiyya on March 2009:

"To our new friends on the Hadeel, thank you for your kindness and help while we stayed with you. I enjoyed your humor and all of your smiles"

Kathy Mukasian

Testimonial from Kathy refering to how great and pampering the staff were during her cruise on March 2009

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