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Mosque of El Rifaey

The Mosque of El Rifaey lies in Maydan El-Qalaa facing the Mosque of Sultan Hassan. The mosque was established by Princess Khushyar who was the wife of Ibrahim Pasha and the mother of Khedive Ismail. She asked Hussein Pasha Fahmi to construct that mosque and attach the mausoleum of Shaykh El-Rifaey and Shaykh Abdullah El-Ansari to it. She also ordered him to build a funerary chamber for herself and her family next to the mosque. The death of Princess Khushyar and architect Hussein Fahmi made the erection of the mosque stop for a number of years. In 1905, the foreign architect Max Herz Bey followed the design and the style of decoration that was planned by Hussein Pasha before,and completed the construction of the mosque.

One of the eye-catching features in this mosque is the neo- Mamluk style of decoration. The sanctuary, with its large size, is beautifully decorated with stalactites and various forms of marble ornate from different countries. Of special interest in this monument are the luxuriously ornamented window grills, the gilded ceiling and the 44 huge pillars in the courtyard of that mosque.

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