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The amazing drawings from the inside of Selsela temple located at Selsela mountain
Selsela Temple
Inside View of the Temple
Selsela Mountain Temple
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Selsela Mountain
Now the dream will come true 62 km to the North of Aswan, you will be able to visit the best well reserved stone quarries of the pharos from that place the ancient Egyptians used to cut theirs stones blokes to contract all of  the new Kingdom chapels, chariness , statues even the Greco roman constrictions for more than 1700 years the hands of the workers rested from cutting the sand stone from this place to carry on again 1906 cutting  the stone blokes of Essna lock but the government prevent cutting the stones from the place , because some crackers happened in the body of the magnificent chapel of the great pharaoh hor em hep of the 18th dynasty who ruled between (1320-1310 bc ) and a lot of other out standing multiform chapels for the supervisors of the stone cutting campaigns date back to various pharonic eras it is really khlkhel like our grand father called it the great stone wall and surprise that it is all opened for the visitor the ston quarry ,more than 13 chapels and the dears chapel of hor em hep .

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