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West Bank Monuments

The Colossi towering 19.20 meters are the only remnants of a temple commemorating Amenhotep lll. When they suffered cracks, and where said to sing, the Greeks named them after Memnon, the legendaty hero killed at the Trojan Wars. It is said that each morning, he called his mother Eos, the Dawn goddess, who bewailed him, shedding tears that were the dewdrops.


Deir el Bahari Temple
This temple was built by Queen Hatshepsut to perform the rites of the nether world. Deir el-Bahari is a fairly recent nomenclature from the 7th century B.C. when the Copts used it as a monastery. The Temple is composed of three impressive rising terraces, split by a road.

The Ramesseum
Built in commemoration of Rameses ll, its murals record the Battle of Kadesh.


Madinet Habu Temple
Built in commemoration of Ramses lll, characterized by its well-preserved religious and military scenes. The paintings still retain their vivid colours.
Temple of Dendera
This Graeco Roman temple lies about 60kms north of Luxor.

The temple was first initiated by Ptolemy lll with numerous additions by subsequent Roman Ptolemic rulers. It houses a famous painting of Queen Cleopatra, and Caesaron, her son from Julius Caesar. The temple is renowned for its horoscope inscriptions.

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