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Mosque of Sultan Hassan

There are many historical monuments that lie between us and we are going through it, There is hardly draws our attention by the act of "habitually", Which in the "look" into something familiar, however, is the attention.


However, this "get used" to turn "the attention" When others show interest in such monuments . Especially if the "other" the size of the newly elected U.S. President Barack Obama .


President Obama puts the Mosque of Sultan Hassan in Cairo as part of his travel for delivery of the speech to the Islamic world.


Description of the mosque :
Atmosphere of the visit to reorganize beauty the historic of the mosque which Suffered neglect and pollution,
The unique architectural character as the oldest mosque in Cairo, It is "Whole only mosques of Cairo, which combines the construction and decoration paper grandeur and beauty, It has characteristics that are not shared with the other


Built between 1356 and 1363 by the Mamluk ruler Sultan Hassan, the scale of the mosque is so colossal that it nearly emptied the vast Mamluk Treasury. Historians believe that the builders of this mosque may have used stone from the pyramids at Giza . 


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