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El Kab
The great capital of Upper Egypt before the unification on the holly domain of the vulture goddess Nekhbet whom she saved here name to the city 11 tombs are tombs are now opened to the visitors dated back to the 1st intermediate period up the beginning of the 18th dynasty El Kab seems to have gained a reputation as agret city at this time because it's sons aided the armies of Ahmos the 1st in ridding of the hated occupying forces , there you have a nice chance to enjoy visiting one of the most well preserved and interesting tombs on the necropolis the tomb of the great army leader Ahmos Son of Ebana there you will be able to watch his autobiography alive in the walls of his tomb telling you how great was that man I think even the words cannot describe what you will be able to see inside the tombs of the high official pharoh with it's wonderful colors.(And I think that our Egyptologist tour guide with magical explanations will take you back to the time of the parohs to see all of that to feel all of that like you are at that time watching the glory of the pharohs .

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